Privacy Policy

Data and Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information we collect and process to improve and support the use of Jawbster features. Jawbster is a social network and online platform for people to look for any form of opportunities and information related to work. Our Privacy Policy applies to any registered user of Jawbster.

What kinds of information do we collect?


A Jawbster user profile is created prior to accessing our features and the profile for each of the categories of looking for work, looking to collaborate, or looking to hire, all requiring an email address and a password. Any additional data entered in the profile regarding work, education or further personal information will be marked as optional or not, the more information provided will allow our service to provide you with more specific opportunities tailored to your requirements. Some of the information entered will never be disclosed to other users, whilst some will only be available after both parties choose to connect. A preview of what is displayed before and after connection is also available so that any user would be able to amend and accept how your profile looks like to other user.

Chat Messages

When 2 users have decided to connect with each other, both users will have access to a private chat. The content of the chat will be stored on our servers and we generally store this data until both parties delete the messages or chat history.


Users can choose to post messages which will be displayed in a feed for anyone who are in the same industry as the posting user. The post will be available to view by anyone in the same industry and can be removed should the user decide to delete the post. Users can also indicate their choice of connecting with the user who posted but profiles will only be presented in the order of our algorithm which presents profiles in order of those matching the requirements of each and every individual user first.

How you use our product

We collect information of how users interact with our product, such as the type of profiles you choose to connect with, the time, frequency and duration of your usage.

How do we use this information?

Analytics and Improving our services

We primarily use the information to help understand our user needs and improve our ability to deliver more accurate and personalized profiles and content.

Communications, Marketing and Advertising

We also use the information to communicate with you about our services and provide information which arise out of our analytic insights, or updated terms and policies. For example, this may include information such as which roles or industries may have a high demand of roles to be filled, or if there were specific companies you are interested in that are looking to hire etc. From time to time, this may include information to help market our product and services. We do not currently have plans to allow for advertisers on our product, but may do so in the future which will result in us providing advertisers with statistics and analytics to help with their advertising.


Jawbster takes security seriously and have appropriate measures in place to secure personal information from accidental loss and also from unauthorized access or disclosure.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure your account login details and password are kept safe.

The information and data collected can also be used for us to verify accounts and to promote security for activity on our product.

In the event of legal requests requiring information to be provided by the company that may involve the disclosure of user information, we will take all necessary steps to ensure our response is consistent with internationally recognized standards to ensure that any information and data is protected.

Account Management

You have the ability to access, alter and delete your data and posts. Should you choose to delete your account entirely, all information and data that you have provided will be deleted. Please contact us directly you have any difficulty with managing or deleting your account.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may make suitable amendments to the Privacy Policy over time and shall endeavor to make our users aware of these amendments.

Contact Us

If you have questions or complaints regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us online or via the app directly. Alternatively, you can also contact us at, with the subject line as ‘Privacy Policy’.